IDEA manufacturing company, Kharkiv, Ukraine, is focused on household plastic goods production and further wholesale trade in these goods.


Over 20 years IDEA company is delivering high quality products for the plastic goods market in Ukraine. There are household goods, home accessories, kitchenware in our stock. We keep expanding this range studying our clients’ needs and cooperating with other manufacturers.


Core production technology in our company is plastic injection moulding. During this process the hot plastic is injected to the mold. After this plastic is cold and firm, the mold opens up and the ready product is pushed out of the mold. This technology allows us to create identical items that are nice to the eye and to the feel and at the same time – commercially effective.

Client Care

In our company we have a clear step-by-step mechanism of working with a client. Cooperation with us means that you will have all the necessary data such as delivery terms, clear cost options, possible nuances of your order. Experienced manager will recommend you the best solution for your needs. We are ready to consider various cooperation options to provide our clients with the most profitable conditions.